Igniting a Passion for STEM Through 4-H Classroom Discovery Kits

When the pandemic limited 4-H agents’ ability to engage students through traditional face-to-face instruction in classrooms across the state, 4-H leaders within UT Extension did what they do best—they found a solution.
Yusuf wears a homemade 4 H mask

A team of regional, state and 4-H camp staff members designed a COVID-friendly program to engage students in hands-on experiential learning while educating them on ways to minimize the spread of the virus at the same time.

Using grant funding awarded by Tennessee Governor Bill Lee, approximately 5,500 classroom STEM kits were created for the benefit of 168,000 4-H members.

The “4-H STEM in a Box” kits include a:

  • Facemask kit for each 4-H member
  • Hand-washing activity for the class
  • Bacterial science activity for the class
  • Ag in the Classroom information / resources
  • 4-H Camp information

In addition to the STEM kits, grant funding enabled the purchase of audio and video equipment for each of the county’s 4-H programs, which is supporting creation of more virtual learning opportunities. In spite of the pandemic, UT Extension continues to reach and support the development of Tennessee’s youth.

UT Extension operates the largest 4-H club program in the country with approximately 168,000 members.

Everywhere you look, UT is serving Tennessee.