Tipton County Water Tower
Tipton County, TN


Water Tower

Covington in Tipton County is home to the 19th mural—and one of the highest murals in the campaign as it stands 125 feet above the town.

The canvas is a water tower located in Covington’s Historic Depot District. This historic water tower is situated on property that once was home to the Federal Cotton Compress and Warehouse and owned today by Green Family Materials.

According to Tipton County Executive Jeff Huffman, the water tower is no longer in operation, but was once used to provide water for fire protection. The water tower is adjacent to a historic passenger railroad station that has been restored and repurposed to serve as the new home of the UT/TSU Tipton County Extension Office.

“The tower has been a great example of ‘visual pollution’ and stands out prominently on Liberty Street as you enter Covington. This mural project promotes our land grant university, takes a blighted structure and turns it into a positive community asset, promotes the fine arts through mural painting and provides a great landmark for Tipton County’s new UT Ag Extension facility,” Huffman said. “Both the water tower and the old depot building will become positive community assets for years to come.”

The 15-foot-tall mural on East Liberty Avenue, completed in July 2021, is visible to an estimated 24,000 passersby each day and can be seen from U.S. Highway 51.

See it yourself:

510 E Liberty Ave
Covington, TN 38019

Meet the Artist

Painting a 40-foot mural on a metal grain bin in 90-degree heat calls for a special type of artist.

Troy Freeman started his mural painting career while still in high school, painting mascots for his and area schools before advancing to sign painting work for local farmers and then founding his own business.

Free Sky Studios, Inc. is a Springfield, Illinois, based professional mural and sign painting business providing commercial and residential clients with a professional source for quality, creative work. With more than 20 years of experience, Troy focuses on delivering quality service marked with exceptional talent and professionalism in every project.

From a 65-foot corn cob to 4-story Frank Lloyd Wright tribute mural, Troy has the experience and expertise to tackle any location we envision.

Troy Freeman
Owner and Lead Artist
Free Sky Studios, Inc.