Van Vleet Cancer Center at UTHSC
Memphis, TN


Van Vleet Cancer Center

at UT Health Science Center

The University of Tennessee Health Science Center is home to the third mural in the campaign. Painted in March 2020 on the Van Vleet Cancer Center on the corner of Madison Avenue and Dunlap Street, the 35-foot mural attracts the attention of an estimated 2.2 million travelers a year.

The mural marks the footprint of UT Health Science Center’s main campus, located in the heart of the Memphis Medical District. Since launching an ambitious Campus Master Plan for Growth in 2014, nearly $400 million has been invested in construction and renovation projects that have transformed Tennessee’s leading public provider of health care education and research.

Did you know that UT Health Science Center has educated:

  • 75% of Tennessee’s dentists
  • 40% of the state’s pharmacists
  • 40% of the state’s physicians
  • The majority of doctorally prepared nurses in the state

From treating patients in emergency rooms to conducting life-saving research, the impact UT Health Science Center has on the people and state of Tennessee is visible everywhere you look.

Join us in celebrating the addition of the Van Vleet Cancer Center mural to the “Everywhere You Look, UT” campaign.

See it yourself:

Van Vleet Cancer Center
UT Health Science Center
3 Dunlap St.
Memphis, TN 38103

Meet the Artist

Troy Freeman started his mural painting career while still in high school, painting mascots for his and area schools before advancing to sign painting work for local farmers and then founding his own business.

Free Sky Studios, Inc. is a Springfield, Illinois, based professional mural and sign painting business providing commercial and residential clients with a professional source for quality, creative work. With more than 20 years of experience, Troy focuses on delivering quality service marked with exceptional talent and professionalism in every project.

From a 65-foot corn cob to 4-story Frank Lloyd Wright tribute mural, Troy has the experience and expertise to tackle any location we envision.

Troy Freeman
Owner and Lead Artist
Free Sky Studios, Inc.