Degrees That Make a Difference

You’ll find us in boardrooms, classrooms, courtrooms, operating rooms, and every space in between. With millions educated and trained at UT, we have a remarkable impact on the state.
UTC students gathered around a conference table with a school administrator

Teaching Goes Well Beyond the Classroom

UT Institutes Provide Untold Value to the State of Tennessee

researchers take soil samples on a farm field

When you look to the stars, think of us. Ten of our alums have gone to space, and we’re making the far-off a near-term reality at the University of Tennessee Space Institute.

At the Law Enforcement Innovation Center, we’re finding the future of public safety and criminal justice. And through the Institute of Agriculture, we work with farmers, forestry, 4H, and families to ensure food, animals, and more are thriving.

Everywhere you look, UT is training for tomorrow.