Sustainable, Accessible 3D-Printed Transportation

UT and ORNL’s groundbreaking partnership in additive manufacturing attracts the world’s most innovative concepts.
3D printed Olli Trolley

From neighborhoods to campuses to urban city centers, Olli is changing the way the world views transportation. The 3D-printed, self-driving shuttle is manufactured in Knoxville by Local Motors in partnership with Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

Local Motors is a ground mobility company focused on shaping a better future by developing sustainable, accessible transportation solutions for all. 

The company opted to open a micro-factory in Knoxville in 2016 to access the 3D-printing expertise at UT and ORNL in order to perfect the direct digital manufacturing process of the eight-seater shuttle.

The collaborative partnership with ORNL has been marked by developments in material science and the wireless charging of vehicles. 

“In 2016, the production of Olli’s lower chassis took 14 hours to print,” said Billy Hughes, Local Motors director of advanced additive manufacturing. “Due to optimization of the process, the lower chassis is now printed in nine hours.”

That’s collaboration changing transportation—now and in the future.

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